To commission a portrait

Post a selection of photographs of the subject, marking on the back those which show a reasonably true colouring and those which show a typical expression or stance. It does not matter if the photograph showing the best expression does not show a true colouring - Roger Heaton will take certain elements from different photographs to produce the finished painting.
If several subjects are to be portrayed, only one photograph need be supplied showing them all together (for relative sizes). All the other photographs should show individual subjects, which will be aranged together on the painting.
Your photographs will be returned on completion of the painting.
Alternatively, email the images (no larger than 10" x 8" at 125 pixels per inch)

In addition to the images please supply the following details:
1. The preferred medium (watercolours, pastels or oils).
2. Whether the portrait is to show just the head and shoulders or full body.
3. The image size preferred.
4 . Your name, address and telephone number.
If the painting is to be a surprise, please also give alternative points of contact and alternative address for delivery.

If required, Roger Heaton can take any necessary photographs. This will mean either the subject being brought to the Studio or, if this is not convenient, for Roger Heaton to travel to the subject's home - in which case, travelling costs will have to be taken into consideration.

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Deposit required

25% of the listed price
for the size required.
Please make cheques payable to
Roger Heaton